I hardly dare open my mouth . . . .

“Do not cast me aside in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength fails.” Psalm 71 v9 from yesterday’s Morning Prayer.

And I would add “Stick with me, God, as I get more and more confused by modern life.”

I’m beginning to feel a misfit in more than just the Anglican community at the moment.  People say and do things which seem to be considered important and here I am failing utterly to understand what on earth is going on.

For the last couple of weeks I have been musing about what I have called to myself “The Case of the Barrister’s Photo.” You may remember it. A female barrister posted a picture of herself on something called Linkedin. (My grandson explained that Linkedin is a kind of global address book for professionals. So, if I needed a barrister I could look on Linkedin and choose one. Except that I don’t think it would be my place to do so. I think it would be my solicitor who did that.) Anyway, a second, male, barrister called the picture “a stunning photo” which upset and demeaned the first barrister so much that she demanded an apology.  In fact, the incident was so offensive that the whole affair featured on Newsnight. Now that is serious and makes me extremely worried  about just what one can say these days to avoid giving offence.

On Thursday at 6.00 I shall be going to my usual Welsh Class in the village. It is a brilliant course, great fun, and an opportunity for me to mix with a much younger generation. However, the course is strong on conversation and to encourage this we read dialogues together and engage in rôle play. This week we will be doing comparisons and I have been checking up on the dialogues.

“You’re looking much better, I must say.” “You look much younger, if I may say so.” “I like your hair better cut much shorter.”

I know I can make those sort of personal remarks to the other two Golden Oldies but I’m worried about upsetting the rest of the class who are young professionals half my age. If a barrister is demeaned by a comment about “a stunning photo” whatever will a consultant anaesthetist feel if I tell her she’s looking very good?

So if anyone understands what was going on with Linkedin and can explain it to me I shall be very grateful. By 5.30 pm Thursday, if you could, please.

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