I Told You So

Oh boy! Am I feeling smug. I am NOT a dinosaur nor an illiberal died-in-in-the-wool bigoted old fogey. My instincts, founded on sound common sense and close observation of the world about me, are right after all. Heterosexual parents in a stable, long term relationship – ie, happily married – are best for children. And there are not one but two studies to prove this.

I picked up the first one on the blog Anglican Mainstream. A report first published in 1994 in ‘Social Justice’ has just been updated by its two authors and an account of its findings is given under the slightly alarmist headline “Do children of single parents become criminals?”
And on the website of the Institute for Family Studies I found a paper entitled, more conservatively, “Marriage and Child Wellbeing”.

Just three quotes to make my point.
“….the children of continuously married, two-parent families fare better than do the children from all other family forms.”
“. . . . newer studies have uncovered considerable evidence discrediting progressives’ claims that cohabitation is a perfectly functional replacement for traditional marriage.”
“When it comes to child well-being, marriage seems to be more than the sum of its parts.”

As I noted in an earlier blog, the Bishop of St Asaph wrote in the Diocesan magazine, Teulu (family) Asaph, on the subject of same-sex marriage: “Let’s be honest. Society has never paid much attention to the Christian teaching that the only proper context for sex is within the faithful marriage of one man and one woman. Sex outside of marriage has been happening all around us for two thousand years, among Christians as well, and although many have sincerely sought to live with the Church’s teaching—and succeeded—there have been many people who have not.” So that’s all right, then, is it?

Well, it was enough to convince me that it was a family I could do without. I’d also like to point out it’s not just the Church’s teaching. It’s Christ’s teaching, and, no matter what the Bench of Bishops think, Christ has NOT changed His mind.

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