Windscreen, Windshield, Boot or Trunk?

One of today’s Headlines: Donald Trump wins in Nevada.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 12.05.27.png

Well, not that much of a win, then. Or, to put it in a way we can more easily understand:

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 16.17.44.png

Another headline: Florida has withdrawn a proposed transgender “bathroom” bill.

I’m beginning to think you can prove anything with figures and we need to beware of words as well. We’re getting to the stage where we need a simple dictionary and some way of interpreting numbers and symbols to help us seek the truth.

A ‘Bathroom’ in America will almost always contain a WC. What we would call a cloakroom with only a WC  would be a ‘Half Bath’ in the US. Someone commenting on another blog thought a Restroom  was a place of ‘peace and relaxation’ rather than a loo.


When I was young we talked about ‘a lav’ or, in school-girl parlance, “George.” Don’t ask—I’ve no idea why. Correctly, it was a lavatory, though people with pretensions always used the word ‘toilet’.

(In Welsh it’s a ‘ty bach’, ‘little house.’ As a very new Welsh learner I once asked for cottage cheese in the village shop. I called it ‘caws ty bach’. Back came the reply “Would that be the bog standard cheddar you’re wanting?”)

Over here we already have gender neutral lavatories. We call them Uni-sex toilets and you can find them in cafes, bars, garages, any place where there is no space for His and Hers. I have noticed elderly ladies, queuing outside a unisex loo, looking seriously displeased when a man has come out, but they are probably the sort of women who enjoy being seriously displeased as a way of life.

What we call ‘Changing Rooms,’ are ‘Locker Rooms’ over there. Those are the places which are being targeted by Transgender people in the States. In some places Gender Neutral Locker Rooms, i.e. places where you can strip and shower regardless of your sex, are already the law. In Washington, for example, though not yet in Florida.

I can completely understand why many women are unhappy about this. It’s a long time since I came off a lacrosse field, longing only to strip off and get under a hot shower. At 13 or 14 I was sensitive, vulnerable and easily embarrassed, though perhaps less so than today’s teenagers, because our obsession with appearance was less. I would have been appalled to find an individual with a penis wandering around the same room with me, no matter what was going on in his head and I strongly suspect that a majority of young women still feel the same today.

Look at those symbols again. Don’t they imply that there are equal numbers of women, men and transgender people? If the symbols imply any proportion the baby would be considerable larger and the transgender symbol would be about the size of the baby’s big toe.

I would like to warn all members of LGBTTQQIAAP of the harm they are doing to themselves by this sort of manipulation and distortion. Many people are already unhappy with the sledgehammer tactics too often employed by the activists. If they begin to doubt your figures and symbols they’ll doubt your words as well. Once trust is lost it is the devil of a job to regain it.


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