Number Crunching

One in five MPs think membership of the House of Commons should be reduced, which should make uncomfortable reading for the SIX Welsh bishops.CinW1.jpg

Trawling the web has failed so far to reveal how many people attended church when these gentlemen were our bishops but the numbers were very many more then than now.

Wikipedia, which admittedly one must treat with care, says that in the seven years between 2007 and 2014 the Church in Wales lost 16,000 members. The latest figures for 2014 give average attendance as 36,525.

The Bishop of this Diocese needs 16 admin staff to help do whatever he does, and many others, such as the woman in charge of World Development and World Mission. Given his support and advocacy of SSM I’m not sure which bit of the world would welcome his contribution.

One of the joys of trawling the web is that interesting little titbits pop up to give me a laugh. Today I discovered that a Committee was set up in Wales to encourage co-operation between Anglicans and members of Free Churches. It didn’t seem to get anywhere. It was entitled “Enfys”, Welsh for Rainbow! Ooooops!

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