I apologise for ……

Screenshot 2016-03-16 14.54.35.png

Here’s what to do when you get caught short in a VIP box at Cheltenham Races. The lady presumably hoped to distract the attention of the photographers.

….. these disgusting photos of Footballers and Wags and Celebrities.

However, if you pay people silly money you get silly behaviour, and if you pay people obscene amounts of money, you get this sort of obscene behaviour.

Not every footballer gets Rooney’s rumoured £300,000 a week to kick a ball around, but many are earning over £10m a year, presumably because we think they are worth it.

Junior doctors—the ones the row is about—start at around  £23,000 (that’s a year, not a week) rising to £30,000 as their training proceeds. Just like footballers, that includes Saturdays, but unlike footballers, they also work nights.

Newly qualified teachers start around £22,000 pa, with yearly increases to £33,000, with the average for a Primary School teacher standing at £24,001 in September last year. They’re the people responsible for instilling in your child a love of learning, an understanding of discipline and a sound foundation for their future working lives.

Some years ago, after working in the City, my son went back to University for a fourth year in order to become a Maths teacher. I remember him telling me that if he got his next yearly increment he’d be earning in a year what Rooney earned in a week. Today, my son’s salary is probably closer to what some of those men above earn in a day!

Still, if we pay people outrageous amounts, treat them like heroes, ignore their misdemeanours and gloss over their crimes why should we be surprised when they treat us like the fools we are.


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