Female Father gives birth to Male Wife’s child.


The title spells is out. That is the true fact.

The media told us a different story.

The transgender family where the father gave birth

Man who used to be a woman gives birth to a baby by woman who used to be a man

No, the man didn’t give birth. Men can’t have babies. That is the simple truth and anything else is a thumping lie.

Fernando Machado, while living as a man, has had no transitioning surgery, so the baby grew in ‘her’ womb and was delivered by caesarean section. (There’s a photo of the scar on one website but I thought I’d spare you that detail.) Diane Rodriguez, the mother, still has ‘his’ necessary bits so was able to father the child, but, being wombless, couldn’t do the actual carrying.


Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 15.40.30.png

Diane and Fernando 

I have absolutely nothing against this transgender couple. This child was conceived in a completely normal way with a male and a female. They will probably be lovely parents and, since they are planning to have more children, the siblings will be able to support each other if they find the situation a little confusing later on.

My complaint is with the media headlines that announce that a father has had a baby. This may be a ridiculous lie but one which I think matters.

We live in a world with too much virtual reality, too much Humpty Dumpty speak, too much total irrationality. How can we teach our children the truth when scientific facts—facts as simple as anatomy and chromosomes that anyone can grasp—are deliberately ignored.

I’ll state the true fact one more time.

A male body cannot produce a baby. Fact.

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