801 Years and 6 Months since Magna Carta and we still can’t frame simple, straightforward laws

I have to spend so much time trying to make sense of modern life, particularly modern sex life, that I rarely have much time for politics. In any case, some of the things I’ve had to read this year in relation to Brexit and Trump have, frankly, been pretty nasty. However, I can’t ignore the headline in today’s Daily Telegraph.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.19.23.png
It isn’t some snotty nosed back bencher trying to make a name for his or her self saying this. Nor one of the tabloid newspapers. It’s the Attorney General. He has warned the Supreme Court not to ‘stray into areas of political judgment.’ Well, of course not. They’re lawyers not politicians, though I’m not sure what he is.

The Supreme Court is a 21st century newcomer to British law and I had, in my simple minded way, thought it was what it said on the tin. There are 12 members of this court and I’d supposed they acted a bit like a jury; they heard the evidence, they deliberated, using both their common sense and their years of legal experience, and then they made their legal decision. In this case, I would have thought they would have to decide what the law says, not what anyone else thought it ought to say. Why have a Supreme Court if a a mere politician or newspaper hack can tell them what decision to make?

The media seem to be telling them—virtually shrieking at them—to make sure, never mind the laws they really must make the decision the People want. It has suddenly dawned on me that since lawyers make laws they are obviously not going to be clear and concise and straightforward.
Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 19.05.44.png


We’ve come a long way since Moses. “Thou shalt not kill.” That was just one of ten rules to a happy, healthy life-style, until Jesus went one better and thought two rules were enough. 1. Love God. 2. Love your neighbour. How old-fashioned is that? How un-cool. Most people don’t know God and probably have no idea even who their next-door neighbour is either.


To get back to Brexit. Should it not have been made crystal clear from the beginning how to get out of the EU legally? When all the rules and regulations were being drawn up someone must have said, ‘Hang on a bit. What happens if a country decides to leave?’ There are, for example, hundreds of rules about cabbages, so surely there must be laws about How to Leave the EU. If not, the lawyers are going to have a field day, to say nothing of the politicians and the media.

I think I’ll go back to sex.



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