Who Is Missing?

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Britain, warns us of the dangers of the coronavirus. He tell us that the government is doing all it can in the face of this particular enemy but that we must be prepared to face illness, hardship and, in some cases, to lose loved ones before their time.

Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer, who is advising the government and the NHS on the best ways of coping with this horrible illness, unseen until it hits you. He and his team are also giving us daily advice of what to do to keep as physically fit as posssible. 

Chief Scientific Adviser to the government, Sir Patrick Vallance. He heads a team of 50,000 healthcare scientists working in the NHS, in more than 50 separate scientific specialisms. These experts are all working flat out to discover all they can about coronavirus,

So who are the missing experts who should be offering help and comfort at this time? Where are they?

Over the last year we have seen a series of almost biblical disasters world wide. Fires, floods, even a plague of locusts! Now we are at the beginning of something which people are already panicking about as though it were the Black Death.

Experts are giving us advice on how to cope with our physical and material lives, such as wash your hands and keep a metre away from anyone else. More than ever, faced with illness, pain and even death, we need spiritual strength and encouragement. We need men and women of strong faith, unbounded hope and the courage to offer charity to the suffering.

Has anyone seen any one like that lately?

Neither Archbishop Justin Welby (left) nor Archbishop John Sentanu (below) look very ready to lead us out of the darkness of a pandemic into the light and joy and gladness of complete trust in the Love of God.

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