Living in North Wales I would like to share my thoughts on the church and many other subjects with like minded people. I am no Traditionalist: I support women priests and women bishops but I also believe in the sanctity of marriage and the sacredness of human life.

I have been member of the Anglican Communion since Baptism in the 12th Century Purbeck marble font of St Mary’s Church, Beddington, in 1937; Confirmation, 1952 in St Nicholas Church, Newbury, after preparation by the Revd Bertram Russell; Marriage in 1959 in the Church of the Ascension, Burghclere, Hants. Since then I have been incredibly privileged to experience the joys of a broad church. I have been challenged and stimulated; my conscience has been pricked and my ideas stood on their heads. Only in the last three years in church have I often felt miserable, goaded and bullied. After a life time in what I knew as an all embracing church I now feel a total misfit.

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  1. What a pity you won’t come and join your true (Traditionalist) friends. Come on: it’s all part of the same package — lady clergymen, heterodox liturgy, gay marriage.


  2. Thank you for this most interesting blog.
    I too was born into the Anglican church; baptised, confirmed and married in St Mary Magdalene Church Trimdon, in Durham Diocese . Howvever though I value my Anglican upbringing, I only came to know Jesus as my personal saviour and Lord after being witnesed to by a non denominational Christian on the street in Brighton following years of prodigal wanderings in the world. I needed to hear abiut Jesus in sounds that resonated with me. I went on to find out about Jesus sending Holy Spirit to bring us everything we need for life, about the gifts of the Spirit that are for us now as they always have been; making the impossible Christian life possible.
    What joy, what peace, what love I never knew before, Hallelujah.

    Now i see that people need the whole truth of Jesus as much as they ever did because gullible seekers are inviting the enemy into their lives via the internet and men as well as women are led astray by deceptive people (2Tim, 3v6).
    So it is time for the Anglicans to stand for Jesus Gospel truth and support the sanctity of life and that marriage is holy only between a man and a woman (other forms of relationship are available) .
    I lived ‘in sin ‘ with my now husband after I was saved and I new it was wrong and durjbgbthat time people at church didnt reject me but they they didn’t say what i was doing was right either. I have lesbian colleagues and homosexual friends and love them , I don’t judge them but I didnt get saved with half truths and neither will they.


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